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Sugarloaf Wellness Center

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement & Medical Aesthetics Specialists located in Lawrenceville, GA

Sugarloaf Wellness Center offers medical aesthetic and wellness services in Lawrenceville, Georgia. An extension of Perisseia Primary Care, David W. Kunz, MD, opened the wellness center in response to the demand for a more holistic approach to overall health.

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Sugarloaf Wellness Center

A medical aesthetic and wellness services center in response to the demand for a more holistic approach to overall health.


Perisseia Primary Care and Wellness

Not a “Doc-in-a-Box”—they take time to listen. They are a Family Practice focused on “Whole health for your whole family.”

The word “perisseia” comes from the Greek word for a spirit of abundance and fullness. The staff at the wellness center believe your whole health depends on your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

The staff strives to facilitate total health for their patients by being true to their doctrine: “We consider the whole person, inside and out, every time.” They’re known to help patients find solutions when no one else could help them before.

The staff tries to get to know each person as soon as they walk in the door, not just because they want to provide the most effective treatment, but also because they care at a personal level. Every team member is friendly and approachable and takes the time to listen to you.

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Our Providers

David W. Kunz M.D.

David W. Kunz, M.D.

Family Medicine Physician & Medical Aesthetic Specialist

Suzanne Luna, CPT

Suzanne Luna, CPT

Medical Aesthetic Specialist & Wellness Director

Brittany Boughner

Brittany Boughner, CMA

Certified Medical Aesthetician and Laser Specialist

Linda Peabody

Linda Peabody, FNP-C

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