You Are What You Eat (Really)

by | Dec 15, 2013 | General Health, Nutrition, Reflection

Did you ever stop to think about the fact that every cell in your body, every drop of your blood, every flake of skin or sprig of hair, or every secretion of oil, sweat, or other substance that comes from your body was once on the plate, or in the glass in front of you? (okay, in that bag, bottle, plastic container, or those grubby hands of yours, for you fast-food addicts.)

Speaking strictly of the things that eventually form our structural and chemical make-up (not to mention the germs and viruses obtained by direct or indirect contact with other beings) and apart from the minute amounts of substances that enter our bodies through our breath and through our skin, we literally are what we eat.

A fearful and wonderful thing. Divinely miraculous. It’s an awe-inspiring thought, and one that can change the way you eat or drink if you meditate on in awhile.

(I’m meditating on it right now.)


That’s the sound of my uneaten Five Guys Burger and Fries hitting the bottom of the trash can.