Essential Oils

Essential Oils

We are always looking for natural ways to promote health and healing. Essential oils have been known from antiquity to be central to this endeavor. We offer the Young Living line of essential oils to our patients and clients.

Top 10 Essential Oils for Those Who Are New to Oils

Lavender essential oil is easily one of the most well-known oils in the world. This gentle oil can be used almost anywhere—added to water to make a room-freshening spray, in the bath or mixed with your favourite lotion.

The tangy scent of lemon can liven any day. Diffuse it to share its summery aroma, apply a couple drops to a cotton ball to rub away sticky adhesive or promote the appearance of youthful skin by adding it to your nighttime skin care routine.

Tea Tree
Tea Tree essential oil is widely used for its cleansing properties, particularly when applied topically to the skin, hair and nails or to neutralize unwanted odours.

With its warm, herbaceous aroma, Oregano can be added to a carrier oil and rubbed into your joints after a long day.

Eucalyptus Radiata
You can literally use this Australian oil from head to toe, to rejuvenate your hair; help hydrate dull, dry skin; or to inhale as you wind down for bed.

Peppermint’s cool, crisp scent and tingling touch make it one of the most versatile oils. Rub it into fatigued muscles after a run or fitness class for a refreshing post-workout cooldown.

Its grounding, complex aroma is often diffused during prayer or meditation to encourage self-reflection.

This essential oil’s balmy, rich scent can chase away unwanted smells and invites an atmosphere of coziness and peace.

Orange’s sweet smell makes everything feel right. Add it to your linen spray to give your wash some citrus-scented freshness.

Want your house to feel like a sunny beach house? Grapefruit brings a welcome burst of freshness, whether you’re diffusing it or using it to zest up your household cleaners.

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