I Filled Out This Form Last Year!

by | Sep 29, 2013 | General Health, Healthcare, Humor

Hey! I filled out this form last year!

Okay, I understand. You’ve just been handed every form you filled out last time you were at my office… or that you did only a year earlier. Take a deep breath…

I feel your pain. But, in my defense, the majority of these forms are mandated by some government regulation or insurance rule (you know, that” HIPAA Privacy Form” that guarantees you that your personal information is going to be kept confidential by my office… as if it’s government that has come along at last to insure that we doctors do not violate our ancient and sacred oath). In the thirty plus years that I have practiced, these government and insurance forms have multiplied like rats in the grain silo (and contributed about as much to real healthcare).

It’s not my fault. Check that… there is one that matters to me.

It’s the medical history one. I know, I know, you’ve done it before… maybe several times. I myself get tired of doing it for other doctors’ offices (my doctors) when I go there.

But you’d be surprised how many times you will remember one more thing, a surgery, a medication, an allergy. It happens. It could be really important. So just do it… please?

All right… just check over the old one carefully and on the new one write: “I did this last year… NO CHANGES!”

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