How’s that ObamaCare thing workin’ out for ya?

by | Aug 3, 2016 | Healthcare, Reflection

A few years back the political battle lines were firmly drawn over ObamaCare and the discussion of the “thirty million people without health care”.

Of course, the phrase “thirty million without health care”,  was not entirely accurate. There were, to be more accurate, approximately, thirty million people in this country UNINSURED. But don’t conflate that with the belief that thirty million people were without HEALTH CARE. Nevertheless, we have been told to rejoice! The problem of those thirty million without healthcare insurance has been largely remedied by ObamaCare!

Unfortunately, the Plan has taken insurance coverage and affordability AWAY from millions of people who previously could afford (or barely afford) health care insurance. Now they cannot. Sort of like cutting one end of the blanket off and sewing it on to the other end. Joe the Plumber (remember him?) got the truth out. This is redistribution.

I bet you’ve all noticed that all insurance plans (now that they all have to be “ACA-compliant”) have much higher deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance, with the added bonus of more restricted menues of the things that are covered. Therefore the effect of ObamaCare has been to make healthcare less accessible and more expensive for everyone (except the group of voters, I mean, citizens, to whom it was made more accessible).

“ACA” stands for “Affordable Healthcare Act”.

Better… “UCA”.