Is this Re-entry?

by | May 28, 2016 | Reflection

I know my legions of readers (ha ha) have by now quit holding their breath waiting for the next profound and earth-shattering insight from yours truly.

Wait no longer. Revelation is just around the corner. Major Tom (a reluctant tip of the hat to the recently departed David Bowie)  is now ready for re-entry, with secrets to be shared, dazzling mysteries gleaned from the remote corners of the medical universe.

Naaah! Life has just been stressful and overloaded, what with implementing a new office record system and many other things. The creative Muse has taken a back seat. She’s been twiddling her thumbs for awhile now. Lots to say, just no time to say it and hard to find a place to re-start.

Stand by! Blogs resuming.