Stairmasters for Statins, Nikes for Niacin

by | Oct 27, 2015 | General Health

Just heard it on the news.

Exercise is “as good” as medication for prevention and/or reversal of vascular disease (heart attack and stroke).

Can’t say that I disagree.

Framingham Heart Study I’m not, but as a reasonably educated observer of people and health, I’ll have to say that the people who stay away from heart disease and stroke the most, or the ones that recover from, avoid, or minimize future consequences after having a heart attack or stroke, are the ones that stay or get moving, strong, and skinny.

I have firsthand experience of many patients who have recovered from major cardiac events and open heart bypass surgeries to go on diet and exercise programs.

Upon reexamination of their coronary arteries by arteriogram years later, even if the grafts had failed, and the original blocked arteries were still blocked, older arteries that once were small had enlarged and new smaller arteries had developed to bring renewed strength to cardiac muscle that once was weak.

But don’t throw away your Lipitor just yet.

Best to make some progress on the strong and skinny part first. And talk to me while you’re doing it.