healthcare system

Are You a Part of the Herd?

All “insurance” is based upon population statistics. These statistics are used to calculate the cost of caring for “The Herd”. Whether it’s for health, life, auto, home, property, or quarterbacks’ arms, all insurance is just a big bet. It’s a wager by the private or government insurer… . For the private insurer (Aetna, Blue, United, etc.) their ability to stay in business (profitability and stock value) depends upon consistently winning the wager.

Is the United Federation Health Starship Crashing?

“Chief Engineering Officer T. Price Scott reports that central core of the health starship’s engine room has been taken over by a giant bloated creature. It’s bad news…. The di-lithium crystals are burning out.(This is far worse than the Tribble infestation).

Preliminary tri-corder analysis by Chief Science Officer Commander Ryan-Spock indicates that the creature is of the dreaded species “Octobamagon”.

Where has the “Care” in Healthcare Gone?

Once upon a time, there was an era when the doctor and the patient had a direct clinical, personal, and financial transaction with each other. Gone are the days of the trust, respect, and responsibilities that accompany such a direct relationship.