“We See This….”

by | Sep 10, 2013 | General Health, Humor

Many people have had the following experience with their doctor (maybe even me!)…

The doctor listens to your medical query or complaint or examines the area or issue in question. Then he leans back, rubs his chin in a sage manner, emits a thoughtful noise like… “hmmmmmmm,” then states, in a most authoritative manner, “We see this.”

“We”, of course, is us doctors.

“This” is that diagnosis or condition that appears in our offices from time to time (that you now have) and with which “We” are familiar.

That we “see this” emphasizes the fact that as wise, all-knowing doctors, I and all my colleagues have long recognized the existence of “this” and “see” it regularly.

I appeal to the collective authority of “We” merely to emphasize the fact that I am not alone in having no clue what is going on.