Where Have I Been?

by | Jan 24, 2015 | Reflection

Now, I realize that writing something and putting it out there in public contains at least a little bit of self-absorption, I mean, we all know about today’s media culture, Facebook Posts, Tweets, Selfies, and blog sites. And aren’t we all just dying to know the “status” of Kim Kardashian minute by minute?

So, in addition to the fact that I have had to put blogging lower on my priority list (I refer you to my previous blog “How is Blogging Like Jogging?”) for lack of a) time, and b) energy, there have been serious impingements on my personal, professional, and business life that have taken 110% of what I can give. Those of my patients and friends who have seen me in the last few months will know to what I refer.

I have always preached that being well means leaving margin in your life. Time, money, energy, emotion. You can’t stay healthy going at 95-100% all the time. Hey, I’m supposed to be the health and wellness expert, right? Well, I myself  have been on a crash and burn trajectory that needed some (a lot of) mid-course correction. So, no blogging.

It’s hard to practice what you preach.

Sorry if this is sounding like a Facebook Status:

Accompanying the major overload was some serious thought about what to really write about. Is this blog site about medical information to help folks or is it about me?

Taking a look at how I have practiced medicine for the last thirty two years, I’ll have to say it’s got to be…… both.

I know appointments with me are hard to get. The wait is long once you do get to my office. You really do need to bring along a Tolstoy novel to read while you’re waiting for me. I hate that part. But, when I’m there with you I’ll always try to answer your questions to the best of my ability. And I don’t give short answers. Heck, sometimes I have to figure things out on the spot and that takes time. And when you get whatever worthwhile medical help I can give you I am usually giving you a little personal piece of me. The antidote usually come with an anecdote.

That’s the way I’ve been doing it. That’s the way it’s going to be.

Old dog. No new tricks. (Except for medical ones)